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City Paper Publishes Our GIS Map

 A 3D GIS map created by Chris Whong was published in today’s City Paper under the Info Art section.  The map shows the U.S. Census’ data for Median Household Income in each census tract of the Baltimore-Towson Metropolitan Statistical Area. In addition to color coding, each tract is extruded above the surface of the earth relative to its median...

GIS Animation: Baltimore City Income vs. Density

This animation shows Income and Density in the Baltimore MSA using 2010 Census Data. Each census tract is elevated above the surface of the map according to its population density, and color coded based on its median household income. Baltimore is representative of a monocentric city, showing a highly dense urban core surrounded by pockets of medium density and...

Order from Chaos

Here’s a nice photo of a switch/patch panel installation we completed for a mid-size client.  The rest of the rack belongs to another company, but our section is squeaky-clean.

A New Addition to the Fleet

We’ve added another vehicle to the fleet! Our friends over at Sign-A-Rama Federal Hill did an outstanding job applying Vinyl Lettering to our new Honda Element.  We’ve also used Sign-A-Rama’s professionally-installed vinyl lettering on our shop windows, and they were an excellent resource for the all-metal sign above our entrance.

CCN’s New Website Design is Live!

Charm City Networks’ website has a new look and feel!  The new design includes a javascript based slider, enhanced navigation, techblog, news, convenient affiliate links, and more.  It also includes integration to CCN’s Twitter and Facebook pages! Please let us know your thoughts on the new design, and remember that we are available for website design or enhancements for...

Repair Shop Manager

We are currently seeking a manager for the retail shop operation at 1414 Key Highway. Applicants should have a solid foundation of general computer repair skills including virus removal, system rebuilds, general troubleshooting, soldering connectors, etc. Computer repair skills are the foundation, but the key to success in this job is communication with customers, sales, and organization of shop...

CCN is a Clear Wireless Reseller!

Charm City Networks will be selling Clear Wireless equipment and service plans from our repair shop at 1414 Key Highway! With speeds 4x as fast as 3G* in virtually every corner in your city, CLEAR is designed with the internet in mind. Our blazing 4G WiMAX network gives your laptops and desktops the speed and service they need to...

New Rates Effective April 1st

Our new rate schedule is available online.  The changes will only effect our business clients, who are encouraged to look into a service agreement for optimal support and cost savings. We have the expertise to provide the highest quality tech services to businesses of all sizes.  Please contact us for more information about service agreements.
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