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Cloud Backup Solutions

Where would your business be in the event of a catastrophic data failure? Enterprises hold valuable data from financial records to confidential client information. Would your business survive if you lost everything? Ensuring that your data is carefully backed up is a critical step in assuring the stability of your business environment. Thanks to the team at Charm City Networks backing up your sensitive data has never been so easy.

Secure Cloud-Based Backup Solutions

Utilizing a highly secure online backup solution, Charm City Networks can ensure that your business has secondary copies of all its data. If your organization has a local backup solution than you’re already a step ahead, but nothing can replace the security of backing up to the cloud. Local disasters such as fires, earthquakes, or tornados can quickly wipe out both your server and any onsite backups. However, with a cloud backup solution, your data remains safe and secure.

Allow the Charm City Networks team to configure either full or differential backups for your most sensitive business databases. In the event of an emergency, you’ll have the ability to restore Microsoft SQL Server databases and backup files. Worried about your exchange mail server? Our team can ensure that your Microsoft Exchange Server is backed up and available to restore in the event of critical data loss.

Secured with Government Level Encryption

With the cloud, your business doesn’t need to worry about acquiring local space for backups, and full system copies can be quickly restored from stored images. Thanks to increased security, your organization can rest peacefully knowing that all backups to the cloud are protected with 256-bit AES encryption, and all information is transferred to and from servers with secure SSL protocols. Worried about all these technical details? Don’t be! Just know that your data is backed up using the same technology that the Nation Security Agency uses for top secret information.

Take responsibility for your data and begin backing up your organization’s future today. Don’t wait until disaster strikes to take action. Reach out to the team at Charm City Networks to learn more about keeping your information safe and secure.

Online Backup Features

  • Restore Windows Server as virtual machine in the cloud (Amazon EC2Azure VM)
  • Doesn’t require space on the local drive — back up to the cloud directly
  • Restores with USB Flash directly from the cloud
  • Backs up all or selected volumes
  • Restores to a dissimilar hardware
  • Restores to Hyper-V or VMware
  • File level restore from image based backup
  • Full backup
  • Differential backup
  • Transaction log backup
  • Predefined backup templates
  • Restore Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Restore Microsoft SQL Server backup files
  • VSS-based backup of Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Mailbox-level restore for Microsoft Exchange 2010

Reduce the amount of uploaded data and accelerate full backup creation by reusing the existing data stored in the cloud.

CCN Cloud Backup allows to deploy Windows Server image from a backup copy image as an Amazon EC2 or Azure VM instance and get your physical or virtual server up and running in the cloud with a few simple steps.

Encrypt backups with up to 256-bit strong keys on source side. All data sent to the cloud is also encrypted using the SSL protocols to protect while it is in transit

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