VoIP Business Phone Systems

If your business is ready to graduate to a VoIP

The traditional landline is dead, so why is your business still utilizing it? Thanks to the latest VoIP technology, your company can use its reliable high-speed internet connection to make and receive phone calls. Don’t allow your organization to rely on old-fashioned copper wiring based solution. With a VoIP business phone system from Charm City Networks in Baltimore, you can take advantage of lower telecom rates and additional features to power your enterprise throughout the day.

VoIP Business Phone Systems

VoIP phone system billing is typically priced at a lower rate than most telecom phone services available on the market. Additionally, VoIP solutions allow for fully customizable services including auto-attendant systems, recorded menus, intelligent routing, ring groups, and more. Worried about someone not being available to pick up the phone? Don’t lose a potential client and utilize your VoIP phone system’s ability to take the call and direct it as needed.

Best of all, unlike a traditional landline phone, you can take your VoIP device on the go if needed. Whether your company has multiple office spaces or mobile employees, VoIP solutions can provide on-the-go telephone solutions with calls between internal extensions costing nothing to the business. Need to share a number between your VoIP desk phone and your VoIP mobile phone? Easily catch a call no matter where you are located.

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