VoIP Business Phone Systems

If your business is ready to graduate to a VoIP Business Phone System, Charm City Networks provides phones and service that run on Asterisk, the world’s most popular open-source IP phone platform.


VoIP phones plug into your computer network, and don’t require a separate phone jack and a second cable run. Most SIP phones allow daisy-chaining, so a single workstation’s PC and phone share the same wall port.

Phone Service

Most legacy phone systems are limited to on-premises copper phone wires for their outgoing calls. VoIP Service providers offer much lower rates than the phone company, and all calls are transmitted over your office’s internet connection.

Auto Attendants, IVRs, Voicemail and Intelligent Routing

Our VoIP phone systems can be fully customized, with Auto-Attendant, Recorded Menus, Ring Groups and more.

Remote Phones and Softphones

If your business has multiple offices, temporary offices (such as construction trailers), or mobile/home employees, a VoIP phone system allows you to connect a phone extension anywhere that you have an internet connection. Calls between extensions are completely free, can be dialed with 3 digits, and are routed over the internet.

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