Voice and Network Data Cabling – Low Voltage Wiring

Charm City Networks provides professional data cabling/low voltage wiring services from a single add-on drop to a new whole-office installation.

Your business might not need any additional cabling as VoIP systems run off a standard Ethernet jack and allow for PC passthrough – one jack for two devices. However, if you do, Charm City Networks can provide low voltage data wiring. Easily add on voice and network cabling such as Ethernet to a new or old construction. Certified as a minority contractor, Charm City Networks can bid on a small to medium sized home and office cable jobs – we are here to get the job done.

If you need assistance setting up a VoIP system or adding new low voltage wiring to your office space, contact the team at Charm City Networks to get started today.

New Construction

We’re a certified minority contractor, and would be happy to bid on your small to medium home and office cabling jobs. Contact us with an invitation to bid.

Tenant Fit-out

If you’re a building manager or landlord that needs a custom-cabled network for a new tenant, give us a call. We can handle Audio/Video, HDMI, Network and Phone cable runs to suit any client’s needs.

Network Design

If you’re building a new office and need help planning your network layout, drop locations and data closet location, we can help. Don’t forget jacks in the conference room, wireless access points, and printer and copy machine locations!

Data Closet Cleanup

If you’ve got a rat’s nest of wires in your data closet, and are afraid to touch anything, we can create order from chaos. Old phone equipment, wires, power supplies, and cables can build up over the years, and a little TLC may be required to keep things clean and organized.

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