iPhone Repair: Combine parts from two broken iPhones to make one working iPhone

20Jan, 2010

Today is a good day. Last Friday was a bad day. My dog took it upon himself to vomit all over the console of my car, which happened to be where I had parked my iPhone. It was sideways, partially submerged in about an inch of dog vomit for about 20 minutes, and was unresponsive.

This video was awesome at explaining the suction cup method for opening and iPhone, which works like a charm. You remove the two screws at the bottom, apply a 2″ suction cup to the face, and pull gently back revealing… iPhone innards and dog puke residue.

I let the components dry a little bit more, removing the logic board and battery… look it all apart and reassembled it a bit, but no dice.

I was able to get ahold of a working iphone with a cracked screen, and hoped that the even if my iPhone was dead, the screen might still be intact. The swap was performed tonight, and all appears to be running smoothly. iTunes is restoring my apps, and I’ll soon be on my way.


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