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Virus and Malware Removal

Phony antivirus apps, rootkits, and bloatware can sneak in through emails or hostile websites, making your computer slow, sluggish, or completely unusable. We see it all, and can your system back to good health quickly and recommend ways to avoid viruses.!

System Optimization

To get your system running at peak performance, we check and optimize several things including disk fragmentation, background programs that load at startup, updates for Windows and other software, registry errors and more.

Data Recovery

In the event of file system corruption, accidental deletion, or physical disk failure, we can help! We’ve recovered hundreds of gigabytes of customer’s precious data at our facility in Baltimore. We don’t charge diagnostic fees. If we don’t recover what you were looking for, you don’t pay. For higher level data recovery tasks, we are partnered with Drive Savers.

Clean Installations

A clean installation makes your computer “new again”, and usually involves completely clearing the hard drive and starting from scratch. This is a great option for transferring a computer from one employee to another, or for clearing off a “hand-me-down” computer to your kids.

Memory and Upgrades

Adding memory is in many cases the single most effective way to improve the performance of your PC. As your OS downloads updates, and you upgrade and install new programs over the years, the memory that came standard with your computer may not be enough. Our technicians can recommend and install memory from our extensive inventory. We also carry hard drives, home networking equipment, cables, and accessories.

Backup Solutions

Online backup services are easy to use and affordable and will give you the peace of mind you need. Backup is a must, but juggling external drives and scheduling software can be a recipe for disaster.

Data Migration

Moving data from your old computer to your new computer may not be as simple as clicking and dragging. We can make sure all of your data makes it to the desired destination and gets fully removed from the source location.

Data Destruction

Dragging your files to the Recycle Bin doesn’t mean the data is gone. In some cases, this is a blessing and data recovery is possible. We can assist with removing drives from your equipment and performing multi-pass data destruction. This service is beneficial to medical and health businesses where HIPPA regulations apply.

Mac Services

Yes, we work on Macs too! We’ve performed data recovery that the Apple Store doesn’t offer, and can also handle hardware repairs, boot camp (Windows) installation, and more.


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