The “Boss’ Nephew” IT Support Model

08Mar, 2011

We come across many small businesses who use the “boss’ nephew” IT support model. The boss’ nephew is good with computers, and comes in every now and then to remove a virus, add a printer, or help with user issues. He works part-time somewhere else, so he can’t make it out during normal business hours. He only comes out when something major happens, so the office is “on their own” for day-to-day issues. He setup a backup but isn’t responsible for checking it. He setup a secure wireless network but didn’t leave the password. Does this sound familiar? Does it leave you with the uneasy feeling that nobody is really managing your network?

Managing Information Technology for your small business goes beyond troubleshooting issues as they arise. In addition to technical expertise for day-to-day network issues, you need strategic-level recommendations concerning hardware purchases, backup solutions, cloud computing services, colocation, VPNs, server infrastructure, and more.

At Charm City Networks, we’re a small business too, and we know what it takes to get a comprehensive IT infrastructure up and running on a budget. We provide phone and remote support during business hours. We maintain records of the intricate configurations of your servers, hardware, software and third-party services. We work to find the best solutions for your workflow, and then we support those solutions. Simply put, we keep our finger on the pulse of your network.

Contact us today to see how Charm City Networks can help with your IT woes.