Windows 7 Malware on the Rise

23Dec, 2011

Gone are the days of super-vulnerable Windows XP computers requiring constant babysitting, maintenance and cleanup. (well, mostly gone, we still see a few here and there). While there was definitely a lull of malware and virus removal after people started moving to Windows 7, we have started to see the trickle of infected Windows 7 Machines slowly increase.

This image shows a piece of Malware called “System Fix”, which prevents the user from doing much of anything on the computer, and constantly warns them through pop-ups and taskbar notifications that there is something very wrong with their computer. Next they will try to get you to purchase software to address these bogus errors, which sometimes works. (we see plenty of computers in the shop where people show us their receipts for purchasing the so-called fixes recommended by these malware programs, only to find their wallet lighter and their computer still unusable) We’ve seen this and other infections become more common over the last year or so, despite the best efforts of the various antivirus software suites people use.