Setting Windows VPN Client to Use the Local Gateway

By default, the Windows PPTP VPN client is set to use the remote network as its gateway to the internet. This means that once the VPN is connected, all network traffic headed for the internet must go through the VPN to the remote office where it is then routed to an outside host. Instead of making one trip across the internet (between your computer and the host), it is making two (from your computer to the VPN network, and then again from the VPN network to the host). This ties up bandwidth on the remote network, and significantly reduces the performance of your local computer. The fix is a simple checkbox in the VPN connection properties. Go to START, Control Panel, Network Connections. Right-click the VPN connection and click Properties. vpn2.JPG Click the Networking tab, and double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). vpn3.JPG In the panel that appears, click the Advanced… button. vpn4.JPG Uncheck the box next to Use default gateway on remote network. Close out all windows and reconnect the VPN. Now your computer is set to use its local connection as the internet gateway, and will only send traffic designated for the remote network through the VPN. This solution came in handy for a remote user in Chicago accessing an ArcGIS License Server in Baltimore. The company is now able to save money on individual licenses by consolidating then in a central location. The licenses are “checked out”as they are needed, so there is no need for expensive stand-alone licenses going that may go unused for a majority of the time. -Chris

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