Laptop Power Jack Replacement

10Jun, 2011

We receive a lot of calls in the shop for broken power jacks on laptops.  While many jacks can stand up to a lot of abuse, when you trip over your power cord, drop your laptop from the bed or sofa, or otherwise subject it to forces or angles it wasn’t designed for, you could end up breaking the power jack.  In most cases, this can be a death sentence for your computer, as replacing the power jack will involve an intricate and risky procedure that involves dismantling the entire computer, desoldering the broken jack, and re-soldering a new jack.

These repairs fall under our “advanced” flat-rate bench fee of $150.00, and we have a very good success rate.  However, we will only recommend this option if the computer is worth saving to begin with.

Some laptop manufacturers have noticed that power jacks are the most vulnerable part of their hardware (with the screen coming in a close second – we can fix those too!), and started putting the jack on its own separate daughterboard.  This makes replacing them much less time consuming and risky.  The picture you see here was from a Dell Inspiron that we repaired for a happy customer last week.  The parts can take a few days to arrive, but the repair itself is done same-day.

If a broken power jack has your laptop out of commission, we can get it fixed quickly and you can get back to work!  Contact us for more information.