I need a plan to move away from 1and1

09Aug, 2009

I have used 1and1 for a while now, I really don’t have a problem with their hosting plans, they’re cheap and reliable, a lot of space and bandwith, their MySQL limit to 100MB is not cool but it’s something you can live with if your site doesn’t have a lot of content.

Few days ago I registered this domain and it took good 4 hours before I could use it. Then as soon as the domain was availble I changed the DNS settings to use zoneedit.com name servers and that took almost 24 hours to change. That’s what my issue with 1and1 is. They are very slow to apply DNS changes.

One might say it’s not up to them when changes take effect. Maybe. I registered the same domain with .net extension through zoneedit.com and that domain was available in less than 30 minutes. I even had a chance to setup DNS settings during registration.

The bad news is I have few domains with 1and1 and I need a plan to yank them away from them, set them free.

Yesterday I switched the DNS settings back to 1and1 default settings and as of right now domain is still unavailble. I am writing this blog offline if you’re wondering and I will publish it hopefully soon.

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