Firedialer – An office timesaver

VoIP telephone systems add a vast array of high-tech functionality that can’t be had with traditional phone systems.  Among these are voicemail to email, web-based interfaces for configuration and call routing, and simplified wiring.  The switchvox PBX goes a step further and offers Firedialer, a firefox plugin that allows for right-click dialing of numbers directly from Firefox. Firedialer is a Firefox plugin that takes just a few seconds to install.  Enter the IP address of the switchvox, the user’s extension and password, and you’re ready to dial.  Firedialer adds contextual menu items (available on right-click), and makes it possible to dial any phone number on any web page!  Right-click the number, choose dial…  your phone will ring… when you pick it up, it will already be dialing the number you chose! If you couple this with web-based email and contact lists (Google Apps, for example…), it can be a huge productivity multiplier.  The ability to quickly make connections is key for any business, and Firedialer turn the web into your Rolodex. -Chris

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