Datapoint – Racks, Racks and More Racks

A colleague contacted us recently, inviting us to come take a look at his server setup at DataPoint, Inc. They have a world class data center located right here in Baltimore at Tide Point (incidentally, about 1/4 mile from our office on Key Highway). You can rent as little as 1U or a whole rack, half rack, or more, and it’s all completely climate controlled and physically secure. Our colleague thought we might be in a great position to set up a maintenance contract to deal with his server issues given our close proximity to DataPoint. It was kind of surreal to walk through what resembled a library but was 100% composed of 6 foot tall data racks, packed to the brim with servers, network cables, fiber, power distribution, and every brand of server, computer, firewall, switch, PBX, or other network gizmo you could imagine. One rack even had an old beige analog phone sitting in it! Every server in the center has one or more fans; when added to the ambient noise of the HVAC system, it’s a WHIRRR like you’ve never heard before. The beauty of cloud computing is that these (presumably) thousands of companies don’t need to worry about their network connections going down or their buildings catching fire, power outages, et cetera… they can be on the other side of the planet and their servers are whirring away, safe and sound in Baltimore. -Chris

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