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Save an IT Guy: Invest in Your Network

In this line of work you visit a lot of offices.  You see a lot of office networks.  In non-technically oriented small businesses, these networks are often an afterthought, something that grows organically with the business.  They are not so much a network as a motley crew of miscellaneous hardware plugged into the same ethernet switch.  With lots of hard work and a little bit of luck, they can overcome their differences and accomplish something.  If it sounds like a Disney movie, it’s because that’s where it belongs. Administrating an organically grown business network with non-technical users is time consuming and expensive, especially for businesses small enough to have no […]

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MerchantOS – Point of Sale Goes to the Cloud

The opening of our new shop brought with it several challenges, one of which was how to handle payments for our new “residential clients” who are walk-ins for PC repair.  It was never an issue in the past, as we’d simply email invoices to our business clients, and the few residential users who brought their PCs to my home office presumed they would be paying by check. With the shop, it is assumed that we will take credit cards, as we had 4 different clients within the first week present a card for payment (which, sadly, we were not prepared to accept). We were in need of a tech solution […]

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