Android is like Windows, you have to re-install it after a while

27Nov, 2009

I’ve had G1 for about 8 months now and had to reset to factory settings twice so far. It gets very slow after a while. I tried uninstalling apps to make it faster and that helps a little, but to make it perform like before you just have to reset to factory settings. If you are a long time Windows user you should be used to the routine. No matter how good you clean Android or Windows, it still runs slow although they have nothing in common. G1 lacks good hardware, other than that I love this device, I hope new phone like Droid will come to T-mobile soon. I don’t like the iPhone because it doesn’t have a real keyboard, and one can only lie that iPhone keyboard is good enough. You will always get used to what you have but with the G1 I didn’t get used to the keyboard.

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