Month: April 2011

How to remotely uninstall software?

There’s a lot of times when you just want to uninstall a piece of software without interrupting the end user, but unfortunately there isn’t an easy, out of the box way to do it. To uninstall software on a local machine without any user interaction, you would do something like this: msiexec.exe /norestart /qn /x {2902F983-B4C1-44BA-B85D-5C6D52E2C441} The last part, after /x is the GUID of installed software. To find out the guid on remote software, download this script from here and run this command: cscript /B SwInventory.vbs RemotePC > RemotePC.txt Open RemotePC.txt and look for GUID. Next you need PsExec from SysInternals. This tool will allow you to run commands on […]

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Clearing Hundreds of Duplicate Events from a Google Calendar

The infinite loop gremlin strikes again! We deploy Google Apps for many of our clients. One of the big reasons we push it, is because without any extra servers, services, or expensive add-ons, it will sync email, contacts, and calendars beautifully with virtually any mobile device. iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, your Google Apps data will sync everywhere! However, there exist a few pitfalls that can lead to circular syncing. The best way to configure a Blackberry for Google Apps is via Google’s Apps… one for mail, the other for syncing contacts and calendars. The alternative is to configure an account the way you would any other on the blackberry, by […]

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