Month: July 2010

Apple hard drive failure, teaches an important lesson

Recently we have had a slew of MacBooks come into the shop all having the same issue with hard drive failure. After taking their macs to the apple store, where they are told the drive has failed and there is nothing they can do.  The customers then approached Charm City Networks for their data recovery needs. After inspecting the hard drives and not hearing any physical issues with the drives, we were able to mount the drives on a local windows file system and access them. After copying a few files over during the recovery process, a few errors would pop up showing read/write errors not allowing all the files […]

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Norton Security Suite causing major networking issues

Over a period of about two weeks now. We have been experiencing a pattern of computers coming in with similar symptoms regarding “inability to browse the internet.” At first we assumed it was probably an improperly configured browser or even firewall/networking configuration issue. Quickly we realized that all installed, even newly installed, browsers were showing the same problems. Background network activity such as email, software and even anti-malware are blocked, and were not able to download needed updates. However basic networking such as ping commands and trace-routes are unaffected.  At this point we would assume this to be a sign of a virus or trojan program,  choking communications to service […]

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