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Charm City Networks is a certified MBE

Effective October 2009, Charm City Networks was granted MBE status by the Maryland Department of Transportation. CCN was also granted MBE status by the City of Baltimore in 2008, and is currently awaiting approval as an 8A business development program at the Small Business Administration.

Link: How to Make the Worst Website has a nice tongue-in-cheek blog post that explains how to make awful websites with wonderful sarcasm: Key points include: Play background music automatically. Use as many random colors as you can. Give me the opportunity to scroll sideways. …and many more!  I found this while searching for a specific “awful website” that someone showed me a long...

Busted Backlight

A broken backlight is a common ailment of aging laptops.  Sometimes they burn out, sometimes they break, but the itsy bitsy  tube that gives life and light to every LCD panel out there is not going to last forever.  You will know your backlight is not working if your computer does everything it normally does, but you can barely...

CCN Internet Dogfeeder Prototype

Charm City Networks has put together an internet dogfeeder as a demo.  We can build you custom telepresence solutions all day long. Dog feeder is here, the dog will be here during business hours, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Sorry, not everybody will get to press the feed button. Our dog is finite. ~James

Be Master of your Domain

I think the worst impression you can make on a new business client is handing them a business card with or where a real, professional -looking, business-legitimizing email address should be.  Nothing screams “bush league” like not having a .com domain for your company (or .org as the case may be, but stay away from the others…...

Save an IT Guy: Invest in Your Network

In this line of work you visit a lot of offices.  You see a lot of office networks.  In non-technically oriented small businesses, these networks are often an afterthought, something that grows organically with the business.  They are not so much a network as a motley crew of miscellaneous hardware plugged into the same ethernet switch.  With lots of...
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